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      Death: A Love Story
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      HOLLYWOOD REPORTER  Sept. 7-13,1999
      David Hunter
      "... an eye-opening, sobering encounter with modern medicine and remarkable evidence of filmmaking playing a part in the healing process."

      LOS ANGELES TIMES  September 2,1999
      Kevin Thomas
      "In this most intimate and powerful of collaborations, Le Brun and Howard confront death in a manner that allows it to give life meaning."

      SAN FRANSISCO CHRONICLE October 25, 1999
      Peter Stack
      "... remarkable for its unflinching look at Howard's dealings with the medical establishment."

      Thomas White and Cara Mertes
      "Death in narrative film is often mawkishly rendered, but here, death is truly a  love story."

      THE BOSTON GLOBE  March 19th, 1999
      Renee Graham
      "Often we shrink away from discussions of illness and death, as if even uttering such words will increase our susceptibility."

      THE BOSTON PHOENIX  March 19th - 25th
      Peter Keough
      "As Howard's body shrinks with the disease, his spirit rises to a shamanic stature..."



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